Reduce your risk of illness.

Identify your health risks early and avoid them before it's too late. No guesswork. Just the right tests, for the right risks.

Australia's most advanced health plan.

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A medical protection plan tailored to you

How it Works


You get a full risk assessment

Including a health and lifestyle questionnaire and a DNA test on the Advanced Plan. Your results are used to calculate your future risk of serious illness, including:

  • Heart attack & stroke
  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Major cancers
  • More conditions (coming soon)

Your DNA test also includes a report on your ancestry and 50+ traits.

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The right tests at the right time

Based on your risk profile, you get a tailored program to help you avoid serious illness. We guide you to act early, because prevention is better than treatment.

  • Health assessments
  • Blood tests
  • Cancer screening
  • And more

Halogen Health does not replace your GP. You keep your regular GP for when you get ill or notice any symptoms.


We make it easy to protect your health

Tests and check-ups are automatically scheduled for you. A step by step approach makes proactive health management as easy as possible.

  • Works with Medicare
  • Referrals are sent online
  • Get reminders and follow ups
  • Works alongside your GP
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4 easy steps to better health

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    Create an Account

  • questionnaire icon

    Lifestyle Questionnaire

  • genetic icon

    Genetic Test
    (Advanced Plan)

  • stethoscope

    Ongoing Proactive Health Management

Plan Selection

Take control of your health

Standard Plan


per month

Risk Assessment:

  • Your Lifestyle Risk

Health Plan:

  • Heart Disease & Stroke
  • Type 2 Diabetes
  • Basic Cancer Screening
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Advanced Plan
Plus $99 DNA Test


per month

Risk Assessment:

  • Your Lifestyle Risk
  • Your Genetic Risk

Health Plan:

  • Heart Disease & Stroke
  • Type 2 Diabetes
  • Advanced Cancer Screening

Genetic Test:

  • Ancestry & 50+ genetic traits
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  • Prevention is smarter than treatment
  • You should be rewarded for protecting your health
  • Life insurance and health insurance should be much cheaper
  • Insurance that helps you live longer

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