About Us

Australia's most advanced health plan.

We created the world's most advanced risk assessment.

Designed to predict your future risk of cancer, heart disease, dementia, diabetes and much more.

A world class team - right here in Australia.

Our doctors and scientists are all based in Australia. We follow Australian medical guidelines and only work with Australian customers.

All our clinical tests are performed in Australian laboratories.

George Racz, CEO of Halogen Health
George Racz
Chief Executive Officer

George graduated from Monash University and has a background in statistics and corporate strategy. He is passionate about health and technology.

Elasma from Halogen Health
Dr. Elasma Milanzi
Director of Research & Customer Insight

Elasma holds a Doctor of Science in Mathematics (Biostatistics), awarded in Belgium. Now based in Australia, she has held positions as a lecturer and researcher at the University of Melbourne and University of Queensland.

Kenny from Halogen Health
Dr Kenny Ng
Senior Medical Director

Kenny graduated with an MBBS from the University of Melbourne, and is a Fellow of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners. He is also a Certified Health Informatician.