Frequently Asked Questions

Halogen includes every major disease - including seven different cancer types, dementia, heart disease, stroke, diabetes and more. It's Australia's most advanced risk assessment.

The Advanced Plan also includes a DNA Test to uncover your genetic risks plus any necessary blood tests.

The DNA Test also includes your genetic ancestry and 50+ genetic traits.
Yes - a risk assessment is only half the solution. Halogen Health is designed to reduce your risk and avoid serious illness.

Fully tailored to your risks
We make sure you get the right advice, at the right time. Before you get sick, not after.

Everything you need.
Halogen is focused on prevention. The things you can do to reduce your risk and avoid major illness. Including blood tests, cancer screening, check-ups, scans and more.
The Basic Plan is FREE for life! Even if you live to 100.

The Advanced Plan costs $10 per month. It includes everything from the Basic Plan plus:

+ Advanced cancer testing
+ Advanced Blood Tests
+ Advanced risk assessment
+ Medicare referrals where necessary
+ A DNA Test (extra fee).
Definitely. Most people only see a doctor after they get sick. Halogen Health is different. We help you before you get sick. It's designed by a team of specialists to protect your health for as long as possible.

We do not replace your GP. And you can see your GP anytime you feel unwell.
A DNA test is easy and painless.

We send you a saliva collection kit, which you can use at home. Following the instructions, you spit in a tube and post your saliva sample to an Australian lab for analysis. You will receive your results within a few short weeks.
The genetic test can show you a few interesting things by looking closely at your DNA.

Genetic Ancestry: We can compare your DNA to populations from around the world. This shows your genetic ancestry, or how much DNA you have in common with people from around the world.

Genetic Traits: Over 50 reports on your DNA and the influence on various non-medical traits. Reports include things like your hair and skin colour, your metabolism and other factors which are influenced by your genetics. Of course, your your DNA isn't always the full story and your environment plays a part how you turn out. But the reports can provide an interesting lens into your genetic make up and traits.

We add new reports regularly, as new research is published around the world.
We try to process as quickly as possible, so we aim to have your results in about 2 weeks, but if we're experiencing a busy period, it could take between 4 - 6 weeks. Please be patient and we'll email you as soon as your results are ready.