Frequently Asked Questions

Halogen Health users receive regular Programs to follow. Programs are designed to reduce your risk of serious illness, with easy to follow steps. Programs are scheduled for you automatically, and we notify you know when a new Program is available. Programs are tailored to you and every user has a tailored experience to match their risk profile.
Most people only see a doctor after they get sick. Halogen Health is a proactive health service, designed by doctors to focus on staying healthy and living longer.

We all get sick, and reacting to symptoms is still important, but we try to be there earlier. To do the things can do, even before symptoms appear.

You will still need your GP for any time you feel unwell.
Halogen is not a diet and exercise program. Most people already know they should exercise and avoid junk food. Halogen Health is about preventing serious illness. Avoiding heart attack, stroke, diabetes and major cancers. The things things all Australians worry about.

Halogen Health programs include cancer screening, blood tests and medical assessments designed to keep you healthy and living longer.
Halogen Health is designed for Australians between 30 and 85. Of course, we use much more than just age, to tailor your health plan. Including genetic risk, on the advanced plan.

Australians between 40 and 75 years old will get the biggest benefit, but it's never too early (or late) to invest in your health.
The Advanced Plan is our flagship service and includes a DNA test. The Advanced Plan has advanced health programs and receives regular updates in line with new medical research.
The Standard Plan includes programs to reduce your risk of diabetes, heart attack and stroke. The Standard Plan also includes basic cancer screening based on Australian guidelines. These include breast cancer, bowel cancer, cervical cancer and prostate cancer screening.
The Advanced Plan includes everything from the Basic Plan plus the following:
+ Genetic testing
+ Advanced heart attack and stroke risk assessment
+ Blood tests
+ Advanced heart health programs
+ Advanced cancer screening
+ Medicare referrals where necessary
A genetic test is easy and painless.

We send you a saliva collection kit, which you can use at home. Following the instructions, you spit in a tube and post your saliva sample to an Australian lab for DNA analysis. You will receive your results within a few short weeks.
The genetic test can show you a few interesting things by looking closely at your DNA.

Genetic Ancestry: We can compare your DNA to populations from around the world. This shows your genetic ancestry, or how much DNA you have in common with people from around the world.

Genetic Traits: Over 50 reports on your DNA and the influence on various non-medical traits. Reports include things like your hair and skin colour, your metabolism and other factors which are influenced by your genetics. Of course, your your DNA isn't always the full story and your environment plays a part how you turn out. But the reports can provide an interesting lens into your genetic make up and traits.

We add new reports regularly, as new research is published around the world.
We try to process as quickly as possible, so we aim to have your results in about 2 weeks, but if we're experiencing a busy period, it could take between 4 - 6 weeks. Please be patient and we'll email you as soon as your results are ready.